We have a question for you!

Hello lovely followers! We are currently looking for ways to expand LLP and we want your opinion on how we do that! We have a few ideas/questions and would love your input!

The first thing we want to know is how you feel about the number of asks we respond to publicly. Generally, when someone send us an ask we respond to the inbox so as not to flood your dash. Do you like that we do that, or would you rather see more as responses?

The next thing on the agenda is an opinion on one of our expansion ideas. I (Sunshine) am a masters level psychology student and work professionally as a youth counselor. We are thinking about posting weekly or bi-weekly advice. Therefore, when we get asks for advice we can answer in detail to problems that us lipstick lesbians are encountering. This way, we are not responding to each person individually (which can flood your dash) but are still addressing some of the problems that we’re encountering.

The goal is to suggest strategies and ideas for advice or intervention that are scientifically proven and that we think will be effective for a lot of people who are encountering a problem rather than just one person who sends an ask.

So, what do you all think? Please go to the ask box (or use submit if ask doesn’t give you enough characters) to give us your opinion. We would also love any ideas that you have that we have not come up yet!

Thank you beautiful followers!


June 26, 2012     1 note